At Foundation Dental Services we are dental specialists focused on holistic GOOD HEALTH for both our patients and staff, improving the quality of life of both are patients and staff, co-operation, teamwork, people first, excellence in all we do, systematic approach, reliable, effective, responsible, talented, consistent, happy, thoughtful, CARING, excellent communicators, educators, industrious, up to date, INTERESTED in our work and our patients and the broader world. We are helpful, SERVANT HEART, balanced between being efficient and effective, friendly, professional, RELAXED, clever, ‘rainmakers’, active in self improvement, trusted and trusting, good at what we do, balanced, long range thinkers, PATIENTS FIRST in all we do, EMPATHY, generosity, networkers! Practising evidence based, best practice within our fields of expertise.


To be known throughout the wider dental community, our peers and amongst our patient base as a centre of excellence. Providing unparalleled first class care within the fields of Periodontics, Dental Implants, Oral Medicine and Minor Oral Surgery.


  • Patient focused with a servant heart
  • Pursuing excellence in all we do
  • Embracing change and acknowledging the need for an ongoing commitment to enhancement of skills through continuing education
  • approaching the day with a positive proactive outlook – smile, enjoy, celebrate just being alive (ie: no ‘victim’ reactive mindset)
  • Honesty
  • Have personal (and thereby corporate) integrity (no ‘masks’!)


For our Patients

Expressing compassion and care in all that we do – take the time to listen, explain and listen again. Building long term relationships based on trust, mutual respect and genuine friendship. Providing timely treatment to help patients reach their own particular oral health care goals.

For our Staff

Encouraging growth in all four areas of life – physical, social, educational and spiritual. Encouraging the ethos of a ‘family’ with mutual respect, patience, forgiveness and thoughtfulness. Building one another up – encouraging, greeting with a smile, taking time to learn bout each other and our families. Encouraging accountability, responsibility, and positive proactive approach to life. Stepping up to help each other when times get tough – at work or at home – not being a stranger to each other.

For our Referring Dentists & Practices

Always seeking to work in a team. Keeping our referring practices informed on patient progress. Passing on our knowledge and skills to help them be better dentists within the field of periodontics and dental implants. Seeking to get to know them better – establishing connections at all levels between the practices.

For the Wider Brisbane Dental Community (Students/Study Clubs)

Always seek opportunities to mentor and teach. Stay connected to the teaching institutions and the network of various dental groups. Participate as a member of the appropriate professional organisations – attend meetings and serve on committees.

Within the World

FDS must have heart of philanthropy – always looking for opportunities to help those less fortunate. Charities and requests for help will always be treated kindly. FDS will support worthy causes with our finances, time and skills. Whether riding for cancer, funding an orphanage, or travelling overseas to help in a teaching or clinical capacity.